Meditation allows for us to observe Synchronicity

Synchronocity is a term coined by the Swiss psychotherapist Carl Jung. In his work or sessions with clients he explained that these ‘meaningful coincidences” had  meaning and were not just random occurrences.

In my spiritual journey throughout my life , the universe often dealt ‘coincidences” which I ignored till I was ready to explore and was  further developed to accept.

These meaningful occurrences if we allow ourselves to become aware send us messages.

Are we on the right track, a right choice?

When our body, heart and mind are aligned synchronicity happens more often. I feel its the universe signaling we are on the right path.

I believe we are all born with intuition..

We do receive gut messages that we are on the wrong track, the wrong person, but we plow further thinking we will change the outcome, with perseverance.

  • Rarely is this a successful result. You can only I believe take responsibility for your actions and you cannot change anyone. Most important you shouldn’t want to. The reverse is also true when we make right choices. Life flows.
  • Have you received meaningful coincidences that reaffirm your path? This can be from dreams,  numbers ,songs. Many messages.
  • Do you listen, or pay attention to synchronicity? As I have become more spiritual I observe all the signs that affirm my path. Its not scientifically provable yet ones personal experience validates them.
  • I check that my body, mind and heart are aligned.
  • Its fascinating how the universe does speak to us, if only we would LISTEN!?
  • Meditation allows one to quiet ones mind and be at peace. In this state : We become more aware.

In the beginning of my spiritual journey I kept a notebook as I realized memory can be fickle.

  • Write down instances that happen. .
  • Meditate in the morning and evening an observe how life flows for you?

What signs do you open yourself to seeing?



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  1. Ilse Anderson Post authorReply

    Hello I have twin daughters who are now adults. They are a huge blessing in my life from the day of their birth onward. Many blessings, enjoy and love those precious twinkies!! Synchronicity is I have twins too!

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