Sharing My Journey

After much soul searching I decided I wanted to write a book. I thought that by sharing my journey with others, it would help someone who was experiencing a life threatening challenge such as cancer, or some kind of setback in the way of divorce, job loss, loss of a close friend, or family member it would help to inspire them with hope. I have always kept a journal to jot down thoughts, or play with words as a way to express my day, my emotions and whatever might be on my mind. It didn’t need to be perfect syntax—simply a way of expressing my inner being by WRITING IT DOWN!

Art as Therapy

Painting, drawing, cooking, and designing have always been emotional outlets for me. They express our creative being, and it has served me well. One should always allow themselves to express their inner-being whatever their passion. All of us have a lot to say, and what better way to convey our thoughts than on paper, canvas, or trying a new recipe? NEVER allow the word “can’t” to enter your vocabulary. Try using the words “why not!”  We all have many untapped forces within ourselves. Forces that need to be set free. LET THEM OUT! You will have fun. Think of it as one big adventure. Learn how to evolve and discover your hidden talents. If you are a cancer survivor, it has been an extremely challenging road. Draw the experience out. Start with stick figures and soon you will be telling an entire story that you otherwise could not put into words. Regardless of the challenge, I strongly believe it is important for us to express ourselves, our inner-most feelings, and come alive.

Hopelessness and Despair

With these powerful tools for survival in place, Ilse battled hopelessness and despair, transmuted the unbearable into the endurable, shed light into the darkest hour, rejected the temptation for resentments and regrets, and today, savors every step of her remarkable recovery.

Ilse’s story is an inspiration to anyone who has suffered setbacks in life. She shares the treasures she earned on her sojourn to the land of suffering and loss. “My M.O. is a positive attitude,” she says. “Practice gratitude, hold your loved ones close, banish negativity. Say yes to life.”

Gratitude in advance is the most powerful creative force in the Universe—be grateful.