Praise For Ilse

Sharing The Treasures

“This book is an excellent testament to the capacity of the human spirit. Ilse Anderson confronted one of the most challenging medical ordeals a person can endure. Her strength, humor, graciousness, and spirit were inspiring to me and all who encountered her during and after her journey.”

—Dr. Eric S. Nadler, MD, Medical Oncology

 “Great to be inspired by Ilse.”

—Sergio Nicolau, President and Executive Producer, Milagro Films

 Say Yes To Life exudes the indispensable quality that describes Ilse Anderson. To have been a part of her extraordinary spiritual, and healing  journey has been remarkable. What an inspiring story.”

—Lupita Gurule de Martinez, Owner, Pamper the Spirit, LLC, Nurture the Soul, Santa Fe, New Mexico

” ‘You have to live, live, live!!!’ said Auntie Mame. ‘Life is banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death.’ Ilse Anderson is doing just that. Before cancer, Ilse  lived her life to the fullest. Now she is soaring. Applause, applause, applause.”

—Rebecca Koven, Precious Jewelry Designer, New York, NY

 “As a believer in the concept that ‘as long as we have breath we have a purpose’ it is no accident that Ilse’ brilliance and resiliency has been revealed through an unexpected hurdle late in life. Her beautifully written book will inspire you to clutch life, and all that it offers for what it can teach us.”

—Kristin S. Kaufman, President, Alignment, Inc., Social Commerce Entrepreneur,Business Leadership Consultant, Portfolio Business Owner, Speaker,
and Author of the highly acclaimed Is This Seat Taken? book series

 “Coco Chanel once said, ‘Elegance is refusal.’ I have always admired Ilse’ extreme poise when faced with “emotionally” charged and difficult life situations.  When she found herself facing the biggest challenge of her life, she refused to give up. Her story is proof that having an optimistic attitude can impact the outcome. Well done.”

—Cathy Brittingham Saxon, Dallas, TX