Why We Make Bad Choices


Mind Body Green exemplifies in its article “Why WE Make bad Choices?”  WHY I believe many make bad decisions is discussed briefly by Mind Body Green.

We are all faced with challenges that require decision-making. How we meet our challenges though, makes all the difference in the image of success or failure.

When we obsess over an outcome we create illusory stress, what most of us think of as “worrying about” something. An accurate description of worry would be using the mind to create a negative outcome which we do not desire, and yet which takes over our minds. Things then tend to go wrong when we begin with the limited idea that there is either a right or wrong choice for us to make. This type of duality thrives in a state of worry and stress, where problems exist with the worst possible outcomes.

This is the level of contracted awareness, or the level of the reactive mind. All “bad” decisions are nothing more than those made from a place of contracted awareness. This type of thinking leaves us victim to the reactive mind. Human emotions like fear, worry and hopelessness end up becoming the driving force of our choices.

For a moment, let’s look at how the following situations of contracted awareness lead to bad choices:
  • You expect the worst: Here we focus only on the negative outcomes without giving attention to the possibility of an unexpected positive outcome.

  • You act on impulse: We act quickly, without considering the ramifications of our actions.

  • You cling to fear: The greater fear of failure or loss outweighs the likelihood of great reward.

  • You play victim: False pride comes between higher thought and an empowering choice.

  • You obsess over being in control: The need to be in control, which comes from a deeper feeling of being out of control, directs powerless choices.

  • You ignore good advice: Ego or the identification with a false self-image limits us from receiving help from encouraging input.

  • You overlook your hidden intentions: A deeper intention of wanting to fail keeps us from having to take to take full responsibility.

It’s easy to observe that existing in a state of contracted awareness leads to thinking about choices in black and white. This limiting perspective keeps us from empowering ourselves to recognize the unlimited possibilities the universe has to offer.
To get to the point where we can make good, nourishing decisions for ourselves, we must expand our awareness. No one is going to argue that life doesn’t bring difficult situations. But these difficult situations expand our awareness, helping us to learn and grow.

We must look inward and explore our emotional life — the inner-workings behind our decisions. Rather than reducing every decision to a rational calculation, which only shuts out the very things that go into a good decision, it’s important we understand each decision we make in life triggers particular emotions in us. We must honor them. But how? That’s where awareness comes in.

 I agree with this synopsis and have highlighted in red what I believe is very important to break making bad choices: “Impulsivity and not listening to good advise” I posted a blurb on Listening and its importance..