2017 Food Trends

NATALIE HARDWICK-DEPUTY EDITOR /bbcgoodfood.com posted recently an article on 10 Food Trends for 2017.  I chose the most interesting and posted.

Low and no-alcohol drinks


We know that Generation Z drinks less than the generations before them, and that they value quality in what they do drink, so we predict non-alcoholic drinks will become more niche next year as a result. Expect to hear much more talk of turmeric shots, charcoal-activated water, cold-pressed juices

Sea vegetables

Nori sushi bowl

We’ve seen an exponential rise in veggie and vegan cooking in the last few years, with ‘vegetarian butchers’ and their ilk around to remind us that vegetables should no longer be consigned to a side order. One sub-genre we expect to see more of is sea vegetables like healthy dulse (seaweed), which can be used as a salt substitute, to add a briny tang to food or for snacking.

Pickles and ferments


Health trends move fast, whether that’s the hottest vegetable of the moment (cauliflower, in case you were wondering), a trendy piece of kit or a buzz phrase, like ‘gut health’ – the term that’s set to be at the heart of the health world in 2017. What this means is more yet more pickling and fermenting, so kimchi, kombucha and Yucatan pickles will remain foods du jour. Gut-friendly foods like these are thought to help with irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, fertility, immunity, low energy and libido.


Insta-ready food

Insta worthy food

Our 2016 BBC Good Food Nation Survey found that 40% of millennials have posted photos of their food on social media channels. Producers and restaurateurs are getting in on the act, whether that’s in the form of rainbow bagels, black burger buns or blue algae coffee.

Smart tech in the kitchen

Coffee roaster

From smart frying pans to camera plates, kitchen equipment is looking more and more sci-fi.



Chefs like Heston Blumenthal have been advocating eating insects for some time now, but the concept has never quite taken flight. However, as sustainability is increasingly on our radar, the idea of reducing our intake of traditional protein sources like red meat is ever more attractive. Add to this the fact that insects now come in pulverised powder form – this ‘flour’ can be used in pancakes for instance –


Portuguese food


Lisbon is one of the hottest European destinations of the moment, as people make the most of reasonable flights and the promise of beautiful food including the legendary Portuguese custard tart.

Healthy snacks

Healthy snacks

According to our trends panel, a continued blurring of mealtimes will mean more of us opt to graze instead of eat three meals a day. Picking and sharing small plates are on the rise, as are healthier snack solutions, so expect to see lower-sugar and high-protein bites.