Reflectionist Art :”Emerald Dreams” by JD Miller below one of the many many artist..

“Art is a reflection of the human condition” — Alexander Shundi


We all react to art – its symbols, emotion and beauty. Sometimes, the art speaks to us, and sometimes it seems mysterious.

The Reflectionist exhibitions create a dialogue between the artists and the viewers in order to explore a basic question about art, such as “What is the artist thinking?”  This approach enables both the artist and the viewer to reflect on the artistic process and their responses to a work of art, and to share their insights.

Google Reflectionist Art if you want to learn more. Many many artists.

The Reflectionist artists range from beginners to professional with many members having a history together of more than ten years according to the website. The group is part of Arts on the Lake in Kent Lakes, NY, and is inspired by Alexander Shundi’s teaching, and Susan Ferri’s workshops.

The Reflectionists have formed a supportive artistic community that shares information, techniques, encouragement, friendship and fun. I had no idea this community existed. Did you?

I learned recently  about a gallery in Dallas Samuel Lynne Galleries that is and embraces reflectionism.  Basically it means what we put out we get back, a principle of the Law of Attraction. JD Miller and Phil Romano who both are artist are owners of this gallery.

JD Miller states that the universe mirrors each one in  unique way. His goal is to mirror that phenomenon in his multi dimensional works the way he perceives the world. Lots of beautiful works to view online, and to learn about many reflectionist artists.

What do you think ? Did you know about Reflectionist Art?