Unplug from wifi and Socialize

I was forwarded by a friend an article from NYT ” Social Interaction Is Critical for Physical and Mental Health”by Jane E. Brody

The article was about how important it is to socialize and how a  new trend is popping up in cafes:” no wifi.”  Cafes in some cities have turned off wifi so people socialize…How wonderful , I applaud.

One will be a able to talk with a friend and not be over taken by technology or hear you are being too loud “talking” namely socializing. Isn’t this what a cafe is for to socialize?

I do not remember the last time I saw a group of people at a cafe interacting without devices. . Everyone is hooked on some device and eyes posture in place on the device.

How lonely I have thought often sipping a coffee in a cafe with wifi.

We do need to talk, have friendship and discuss our lives. Connecting with others is important .These little rituals make such an impact on health, happiness and longevity. Hoping more cafes implement this healthy tip of “no wifi”, if only for a few hours , and see what happens.

We might just develop a new friendship.