Vistiendo Sonrisas Venezuela

Venezuela for many reasons is in turbulent times. I follow its events daily.

I will not blog about my political stance. But I do feel its beyond awful what is happening in one of the richest countries in South America .

I was examining Instagram and found a new project in Venezuela.

Vistiendo Sonrisas.Ve. The projects goal is to distribute clothing and food to the most needy throughout the streets of Caracas, Who do you think the most needy are?CHILDREN

 This new project distributes clothing, oatmeal, juice,and very basic items.

My heart broke seeing the postings, yet at the same time I was elated that the founders, several women in Caracas have started this project of assistance to the needy.

I have been communicating with them and sent a small contribution . Once I receive photos of what they could purchase and distribute I will post.

I was born in Venezuela and some of my fondest memories are set in Caracas.

 I cannot wait to receive the photos from Proyecto Vistiendo Sonrisas Venezuela which I will post soon.